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Powerful, accessible workouts by CrossFit Coach Stacie Tovar
Does your fitness routine need a refresh?
Go Far Fitness is the premier fitness program of Stacie Tovar, 8X CrossFit Games competitor, lifelong athlete, wife, boy mom, and business owner.

Coach Stacie programs, tests, and tackles nearly every workout. This means you’ll have access to the exact workouts that Stacie performs at her functional fitness gym in Omaha, Nebraska.


Psst: If you’re in the Omaha metro area, be sure to visit Big Omaha Fitness — home of CrossFit Omaha!


Don’t live near Omaha? No problem. As long as you have an internet connection, you can get fit with Stacie and the entire Go Far Fitness family. Come one. Come all. We’re waiting for you!


As a member, you’ll practice functional movements guaranteed to enhance your fitness PLUS your capacity to enjoy everyday life — whether you’re carrying groceries or your grandkids.


Every day features a different workout to keep your body and mind engaged and constantly challenged. Say goodbye to boredom!

Instantly access daily workouts tailored to your fitness level & goals.

Go Far Fitness workouts are available on demand and designed to fit your unique lifestyle and wellness goals. At the core of our programs are a commitment to fun and a focus on real results.

You can go farther than you think … especially when you have a coach and community cheering you on!

Fitness programs should be sustainable and scalable. Go Far Fitness offers three different tracks — fun, functional, and competitor— to help you choose the appropriate intensity that matches your fitness capacity and your personal goals and needs:


Choose a Go Far Fitness plan.
We offer three different plans for all bodies and budgets. Workouts range from 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on your pace and plan of choice.

GFF Fun is perfect if you prefer an at-home training program that’s no frills, no fuss, and all fun.


Daily workouts require minimal equipment (for example, dumbbells). No workout equipment? No problem. You can always improvise with everyday objects around your house.


Fun features:

  • Daily at-home workout

  • Pro-tips from Stacie

  • Optional lifestyle tasks

  • Free Wodify app

  • Monthly newsletter

  • Caring and supportive community


GFF Functional is our most popular plan. It’s a full functional fitness program to improve your mental and physical health in 60 minutes or less a day. Access to  leveled scaling options will help you save time and jump right into your workout.


You’ll need access to equipment either at home or at a gym. Common items include barbells, dumbbells, pull-up bars, gymnastics rings, rowers, etc.


Functional features:

  • Daily workout

  • Leveled scaling options

    • Live - Train - Compete

  • Workout variations

  • Pro-tips from Stacie

  • Optional lifestyle tasks

  • Free Wodify app

  • Access to demo videos

  • Monthly newsletter

  • Caring and supportive community


GFF Competitor kicks our functional plan up a few notches to help you prepare for the competition floor. Stacie draws from over 10 years of competitive experience and gives you her best! This plan requires access to all equipment and 2-3 hours of training each day.


Competitor features:​

  • Daily Functional workout

  • Extra conditioning work

  • Extra strength work

  • Extra barbell work

  • Extra core work

  • Accessory work

  • Pro-tips from Stacie

  • Optional lifestyle tasks

  • Free Wodify app

  • Access to Functional demo videos

  • Monthly newsletter

  • Caring and supportive community

Get lifestyle and nutrition tips that transcend the gym.
At Go Far Lifestyles, we know that good health is about so much more than physical fitness. After all, you live the majority of your life outside the gym. That’s why Stacie incorporates lifestyle tasks to help you think holistically about your habits and relationships.

Pairing your Go Far Fitness program with Stacie’s sustainable approach to nutrition is an incredible way to elevate your fitness and put in place healthy lifestyle habits that lead to true change over the long haul.


Stacie has helped thousands of people across the world transform their health through her Nutritional Lifestyle Challenge, Community, and Workbook.


Ready to get in shape, crush it in the kitchen, and change your life? Join the Go Far Lifestyles family. We can’t wait to see your transformation!

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