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Go Farther Together

Kick the Nutritional Lifestyle Challenge up a notch through private group coaching.

The next challenge starts November 8, 2021. Space is limited. Let’s go!
Ready to tackle the 30-day challenge but want extra accountability? 

Group coaching gives you exclusive, virtual access to a tight-knit community learning and living the Nutritional Lifestyle, plus many other perks:

  • Weekly group coaching calls with Stacie (live via Zoom)

  • Support and inspiration from others on the same health journey

  • Private Facebook group to share photos, swap recipes, and ask questions

  • Personal feedback on food logs and a safe space to share your ups and downs

  • Nutritional Lifestyle digital workbook (70+ pages) with a daily game plan for success

  • Coach Stacie's bodyweight workout guide and cookbook

  • FREE GIFT BOX (Go Far Lifestyles starter kit with apron, cutting board and knife set, kitchen timer, and more)


You’ll gain nutrition education, honest discussion, and accountability — plus added value, access, and extras. Each group has its own flavor. No matter what, we always have FUN.


Together, let’s uncomplicate nutrition and break up with boredom inside (and outside) the kitchen.

A Practical Plan

I created the Nutritional Lifestyle to touch and change as many lives as possible. After hosting several challenges with thousands of men and women across the world, I’ve witnessed transformation after transformation.


The secret? It’s a lifestyle, not a crash diet. The challenge lays out daily tasks and a practical plan to help you learn about food and choose healthy habits one step at a time.


As with any lifestyle change, you reap what you sow. Results will vary, of course, but here’s a quick list of feedback I’ve received and experienced first hand.

  • Increased energy

  • Deeper sleep

  • Enhanced focus at work

  • Personal records in the gym

  • Less stress and guilt

  • Stronger relationships

  • Clearer skin

  • Better fitting clothing


The potential of this challenge is truly unlimited, especially with a small tribe cheering you on and a coach keeping you on track.

Coaching is my joy and mission, whether it’s fitness or nutrition. I’m committed to sharing my decade-plus of experience, knowledge, and mistakes with anyone ready for a fresh approach.


Sound like you? I thought so! Let’s link arms for 30 days and learn healthy habits you can carry with you forever.


— Coach Stacie

P.S. Group coaching is a remote offering, so you can participate from anywhere in the world.

The next group starts November 8, 2021.

Limited space; unlimited potential. Save your spot today.

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