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If you want a coach and cheerleader, I’m your girl.

Accountability is everything. We need support — and sometimes a little kick in the pants! 


Navigating nutrition, grocery shopping, and your kitchen doesn’t have to be daunting. And you don’t have to do it all alone. I’ve got your back.


I want you to stress less about food, keep it super simple, and lean on others who are on the same journey. 

That’s where my Nutritional Lifestyle Workbook, Challenge, and Community comes in. It’s where I share all my “secrets” so you can change your life for good, one day, one decision, one meal at a time.

Nutritional Lifestyle Workbook

1. Learn healthy habits that last.

You know it’s true: You’ve gotta eat. Food is fuel, and your body needs good nutrition to function well. Yet you still want to enjoy a “cheat meal” or two. 


I have good news: Living a nutritional lifestyle is all about consistency and mindfulness, not perfection. 


You’ll learn to make smart choices most of the time, while still allowing space to treat yourself. After all, your days are meant to be enjoyed, not merely endured.

If you have a bad day, take a vacay, or find your diet derailed for any reason, you can always get back on track. I like to say that the nutrition train never stops. Simply hop back on board for your next meal and boom! Your momentum is back.

2. Experience a mindset shift.

A true nutritional lifestyle, of course, is about much more than calories in and out. Think of my 30-day workbook as a runway to set in place sustainable habits in several key areas: 


  • Choosing your food

  • Prepping your meals

  • Balancing your plate

  • Moving your body

  • Managing stress, rest, and sleep

  • Connecting with your people


The goal is to give you all the tools so you can continue your nutritional lifestyle on day 31, 32, and beyond. It’s not a quick fix; it’s a total mindset shift.

3. Celebrate your success.

I’ve witnessed dozens and dozens of people…


  • Lose weight and inches

  • Gain confidence

  • Break addictions

  • Transform their lives 


The success stories and before-and-after photos keep rolling in and never get old. 


Are you ready to start your own journey toward a nutritional lifestyle? Let’s go!

Meet your mentor.


Maybe you’re familiar with my CrossFit career. Or perhaps your friend told you about my nutrition challenge and workbook. However our paths have crossed, thanks for stopping by.


I’ve had the privilege of helping thousands of men and women from around the world with their fitness, nutrition, and wellness. (I still pinch myself sometimes!) 


In addition to competing and training, coaching and mentoring are what make me come alive. You’re the reason I do what I do.


But before you assume I’m superhuman or something, know this: I’ve experienced many setbacks and challenges along with my mountain top moments. So if you don’t have it all figured out, good! You’ll fit right in around here.


Wondering about my credentials? Here’s a snapshot:


  • Former 8X CrossFit Games Competitor 

  • Founder of Go Far Fitness/Go Far Lifestyles

  • Creator of the Nutritional Lifestyle Challenge

  • Co-owner of Big Omaha Fitness/CrossFit Omaha

  • Group fitness instructor (BPE, Exercise Science; CF Level 1, CF Level 2, CF Adaptive Training)

  • Wife, mother, daughter, and sister

Enjoy an abundant life.

The daughter of a farmer and the second oldest of four siblings, I grew up in the wide open spaces of northeast Nebraska. Early in life I learned the dignity of hard work and internalized a deep love for family, fitness, and food — from farm to table.


I played collegiate volleyball and graduated with a Bachelor’s in Exercise Science from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Soon after college, I found CrossFit, which has 100 percent changed my life. 


Involved with FUNctional fitness since 2008, I firmly believe fitness should be fun and nutrition should be simple. And when I’m not working, you can most likely find me at the pool or the lake. 


From my years as a professional athlete to my most recent transition to motherhood, I’ve experimented with food and found a system that works well for me … and anyone who wants to live a vibrant, active, and abundant life.


You’re still here reading, so I bet that’s you! It’s possible, friend. Here are your next steps.

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